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Quality, for us, is the only choice.

We at Agri Piacenza Latte pay close attention to the constant monitoring of the qualitative and hygienic characteristics of the milk, starting with the cows' diet, to the collection of the milk from the production companies. We pay close attention during the transportation phase up until the delivery to the establishments that will transform the product in order to better supervise and manage the production company. This way, we are able to market a product of guaranteed quality.

Meticulous teamwork

In order to obtain high-quality milk, the job that our partners carry out in their companies is fundamental. It is their responsibility to maintain an exemplary direction in regard to hygiene and health procedures during the milking phases, the machinery, and refrigeration system. All of this is essential in order to obtain high-quality milk.

Our support

We at Agri Piacenza Latte even make a technical assistance service available to our partners in the stalls, with the aim of guaranteeing the complete well-being and health of the livestock through a system of focused analysis and inspections.... The starting point for a quality product.

What we believe in

Quality and excellence as the only option. We have chosen to maintain our natural love for nature, we share the hygiene and health norms that govern our country, we believe in the future of technology as an instrument for improvement for the benefit of man.

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